Packet Generators



Packet Generator is a software tool that will be running on a Host computer and generate traffic patterns. Ethernet packet generator is a product that generates series of Packets which can be used by emulator platform to generate traffic on DUTs interfaces. Also, it can be used on Simulation platform to generate traffic on simulation environment on DUTs interface. Packet Generator allows us to create and send any possible packet or sequence of packet on Ethernet link..

  • Ethernet Traffic generator supports complete range of copper and optical Gigabit Ethernet and 10/40/100-Gigabit Ethernet modules and provides consumer the emulation of Ethernet protocol with PHY layer
  • Frame formats: DIX, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.1ad/Qin-Q
  • Ethernet Traffic Generator support these PHY interfaces:
    • SFP: 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 100BASE-FX, 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX, 1000BASE-ZX
    • RJ-45: 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
    • On/off laser control for optical interfaces
  • Manual and Auto-Negotiated Link Speeds
    • Rate negotiation: 10/100/1,000Mbps
  • Support for Jumbo frames
  • Ethernet Traffic Generator also supports Layer4 and Layer3 fully configurable packets
    • Transport Layer Protocol: UDP, TCP
    • Network Lauer Protocol: IPv4, IPv6
  • MPLS generation and analysis
  • Insertion of FCS error and undersized frames
  • It can Send sequence of packets with
    • Number of packets
    • Delay between packets
    • Configured speed Rate
  • Parameter values change like change IP & Mac address, UDP payload, 2 user defined bytes, etc.
  • Configured Burst
  • These methods can be used for verification of most complex hardware design to simple hardware design
  • Easy to use solution, plug and play type solutions
  • Software packet generators are very cost-effective solutions, they are cheaper compared to high license costing software products available in the market
  • Creates beautiful Emulation environment, which can mimic many simulation verification scenarios
  • Detect bug in Pre-silicon phase, which can save millions of dollars of re-spinning silicon cost
  • Post-silicon also software portion can be used for validation
  • Help to build a parallel structure to simulation to find more design bugs quickly
  • The overall runtime can be reduced to as much as 10 times than long SOC simulations. This can speed up TAPE OUT of the chip
  • Scoreboarding and traffic analysis can be done very well in the Software solution