Verification Products

SAS products

The SAS Verification Products are the industry's most advanced verification solution for SAS based designs.

The Hardware Traffic Generator provides SAS Packet Generation and protocol checking. It has a powerful Error Injector to inject all kinds of SAS errors. A unique Protocol Analyzer provides the interoperability checking along with protocol Conformance and error reporting. A Conformance Test Suite is available with test cases for complete verification including corner cases which relieves engineers from the need to do manual test writing tasks. This provides the Perfect combination of tools to ensure design success.

The SAS products provide a quick and efficient way to verify the interoperability of any SAS based design  Initiator or Target or PHY. It supports the SAS specification and tests all layer levels of the SAS design - PHY, Link, Transport and Port. This product provides a complete verification solution that will help you verify interoperability with other SAS products.

The SAS Verification products provides:

  • Hardware Traffic Generator
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • Report Generator
  • Error Injector
SAS Hardware Traffic Generator

The SAS Traffic Generator generates SAS Packets. The Packet Generator is designed to provide the user the complete control and great flexibility in generating directed and random SAS traffics to the interface. The programmable Error Injector permits errors to be inserted at any layer of the protocol.

SAS Protocol Analyzer

The Protocol Analyzer monitors and analyzes the SAS protocol rules with built in coverage features.

  • Checks for protocol Conformance and flags violations
  • Generates bus performance summary and transaction statistics
  • Performs functional/feature/error/protocol Conformance coverage
  • High Performance traffic generation
  • Enable faster interoperability testing
  • Real time Traffic and Error statistics
  • Provides performance benchmarking
  • Reduces overall design and verification costs
SAS Conformance Suite

Developed by PerfectVIPs to thoroughly exercise SAS designs, the test suite is an advanced verification test suite that provides interoperability Conformance test cases.

SAS Solutions

Developed by PerfectVIPs to address all SAS architectures, the following SAS solutions are available.

  • Hardware Traffic Generator
  • Protocol Analyzer
  • SAS Conformance Test Suite
Other Verification products