In today’s chip development world there are many challenges that exist which need to be addressed through emulation solutions.

Some of the challenges are highlighted below.

Many interface protocols in one chip

Because on many application in one chip, there are many protocols used in one SOC. Like Ethernet, DDR, PCIe, SATA, SAS, USB, HDMI, MIPI CSI/DSI etc.

Large Design

Great protocol integration increases the design complexity, which makes it harder to verify through conventional simulation solutions

Lower power consumptions

Design decisions need to consider power, area, and performance. The IoT places particular emphasis on power. This obviously makes system-level power analysis and management key activities.

High Network activity

Ethernet and other networking standards are being extended and/or introduced to address these needs with faster networking protocols and more ports to improve network service.

These problems are often not easy for customers to resolve. In order to help our customers to resolve above problems, PerfectVIPs offer different emulation services with help of our trained staff and products.

Services Offered
  • Build environment for customer specific
  • Provide resource to help customer to easily use emulator
  • Make custom modification in our products to meet customer’s requirement
  • Send our employees onsite to train customer on our product and solutions
  • Live and active debug support to customer for any run time issues
Emulation Expertise
  • Glue logic
  • Usages of different packet generator modes
  • Synthesize customer DUT and dump it inside emulator
  • Connect HW monitor inside emulator
  • Performance analysis
  • Integration of Transactor based solution on Emulation board for protocols like Ethernet, PCIe &SATA and other protocols
  • Integration of Transactors with DUT on Emulation board
  • Development of C testbench for Transactors
  • Integration/porting of existing UVM/SV testbench on emulation setup
  • Test development and Debugging
Benefits customers get out of our services
  • Fast turnaround time for their problems
  • Innovative solutions can be deployed since our team work with customers
  • Effective use of our products
  • Cost benefits