Embedded Software

PerfectVIPs has a strong background in semiconductor development to support your systems level software and embedded firmware needs.

We offer complete development services in the software and embedded firmware space. We have strong background in semiconductor development to support your systems level software and embedded firmware needs. Our expertise utilizes low-level code to control the hardware, embedded firmware for implementing the core functionality, up to middleware for managing transactions between layers and continue to the application software needed to tie all together and test it. Our team has expertise on the latest embedded processors, languages and development environments.

Our embedded team comprises of embedded software engineers competent to handle a wide range of software development programming tools, microprocessors and real-time operating systems. Our services help clients to fulfill business requirements with experience of best embedded software engineering services.

Following is the detail of services provided under above mentioned services:

  • Assembly, C / Embedded C, Excellent in Firmware and application writing
  • PC and mobile apps using C++, VC++, Shell script, Android, UML, python, PHP, HTML5
  • Multi-tasking and real-time firmware/OS using State machine concept
Cloud & IOT
  • Cloud Application Deployment both server and client side
  • AWS, EC2, Node JS
  • Expertise on HTTP and TCP/IP, LWIP stack
BSP & Driver
  • Linux/Android Device driver, Android HAL, Kernel programming and development
  • Expertise in developing driver and multi-tasking application runs in bare-metal
  • Solutions on RTOS like ThreadX, QNX, FreeRTOS, etc.
  • BIOS like Coreboot, UEFI
Bus Protocols and Technology
  • Serial/Parallel interface -USB, I2C,I2S, SPI, RS232/RS485, CAN, LON, SPP, ECP, CSI, PCIe
  • Wireless protocols- Bluetooth, GPS/GPRS/GSM/AT commands, RFID
  • TCP/IP, FAT, SD card, analogue interfacing- ADC, sensor interfacing
Tools & OS
  •  Porting and development services of RTOS like ThreadX, SALVO RTOS/FREE RTOS/Custom built
  • Kernel debugging/development tools like WDK , Debug view, USB sniffer, WDM sniffer, Windbg, GCC, Strace, KGDB, TRACE32, etc
  • Tools we use- Keil, MPLab, ORCAD, Visual Studio, Coocox, KlockWork, Enterprise Architect
  • PCB and schematic design and development
  • Hardware trouble shooting-CRO/Logic analyzer etc.
  • Board bring up and hardware-firmware co-development/debugging
  • Emulation and simulation services
  • System design based on 8051, PIC, MIPS, Power PC, ARM/Cortex and Intel Architecture based processors
Services related to software
  • Firmware Development
  • Middleware Development
  • Application Development
  • Product design
  • Platform Migration
  • System Validation
Other services:
  • GUI Development
  • Development of wireless stack
  • Performance Tuning - Latency, Boot-time, Throughput
  • Power and Footprint Optimization
  • Embedded UI Design
  • RTOS abstraction - VxWorks, Embedded Linux, WinCE
  • Boot loader porting
  • Kernel/OAL Support
  • Porting of legacy firmware to Real Time Operating System(RTOS) platforms
  • Protocol Implementation (Industry Standard and Proprietary)
  • Product Software Verification & Validation services
Benefits customers get out of our services
  • Fast turnaround time for their problems
  • Innovative solutions can be deployed since our team work with customers
  • Effective use of our products
  • Cost benefits