Reduce time-to-market, improve test predictability and ensure that your silicon comes up faster and seamlessly.

Our mission is to provide proven DFT services using an industry standard Design-for-Test tool set and to ensure an optimized design as per customer requirements Our DFT service engage customers worldwide and provide wide range of consulting options to suit customer budget and schedule. Our DFT services can dramatically impact production test times and costs.

Our DFT Services help customer address the growing challenges faced when moving to smaller process nodes and more complex, low-power, mixed-signal systems-on-chip (SoCs). Using PerfectVIP broad span of industry leading technologies, our DFT consultants have a track record of success. Our team will help you step through the entire process and find ways to increase yields while decreasing delays.

From design to installation, our engineers work closely with customers to provide test engineering solutions. We evaluate product test flow and cycle time optimization to maintain test efficiency. We provide the following services related to DFT:

  • Scan stitching
  • Scan compression
  • Scan design architecture
  • ATPG and Simulations
Memory BIST
  • Memory Fault models and BIST architecture
JTAG & Boundary Scan
  • DFT Tools
  • Simulation Tools
Services Offered
  • Consultation regarding appropriate DFT methodologies for any design
  • DFT design rule checking and testability analysis
  • Memory BIST insertion
  • Logic BIST insertion
  • Fault simulation/grading
Benefits customers get out of our services
  • Attaining desired level of quality through increased fault coverage with minimum overhead
  • Reduce costs of returns and field replacements
  • Reduce time and costs at tester through powerful pattern compaction
  • Improve engineering productivity
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Gain testability experience for future designs
What sets us apart from the rest
  • 250+ semiconductor domain experts working across digital and analog design
  • Complete semiconductor design solutions using latest technologies and methodologies
  • State of the art design centers around the Globe
  • Demonstrable client outcomes in power, performance and cost improvements
  • Leading-edge process node experience down to 7 nm and below to help de-risk client projects and shortening time-to-market
  • Strategic relationships with top 50 semiconductor companies around the world
  • Ability to deliver a unique "customer to chip" proposition to clients across industries that need smart silicon and embedded software to accelerate their R&D initiatives