Packet Generators



Packet Generator is a software tool that will be running on a Host computer and generate traffic patterns. USB Packet Generator is a product that generates series of specification compliant packets for Gen 3.2, Gen 3.1, Gen 3.0 and Gen 2 which can be used by emulator platform to generate traffic on DUTs interfaces. It can also be used on simulation platform to generate traffic on simulation environment on DUTs interface.

  • USB Traffic generator supports Serial Packet and PIPE/UTMI+ Packet transmission & reception for Host, Device and Hub designs
  • Serial Packet generator generates data traffic on the serial interface and provides consumer the emulation of USB protocol with PHY layer
  • PIPE Packet generator generates data traffic on PIPE interface which can be connected at MAC interface of USB protocol without PHY layer
  • Supports multiple EP(End Points) with USB Hub topology
  • Automatic handling of Protocol, Link and PHY Layer traffic with error injection at multiple levels and automatic error recovery
  • USB Traffic generator can generate all the types of packets specified in the USB Protocol
    • DP - Data Packets
    • TLP - Transaction Layer Packets
    • LMP - Link Management Packets
    • ITP - Isochronous Timestamp Packets
  • USB Traffic generator completely supports all the states and arcs of LTSSM with Low Power states.
  • Compliance test suite with constrained random and directed test scenarios verifies all the layers of USB protocol
  • Easy to debug customized message formatting and reporting
  • Guarantees compliance to USB specifications
  • Reduces risk to design flaws
  • Ensures first pass design success
  • Reduces overall design and verification costs and time