Packet Generators



Packet Generator is a software tool that will be running on a Host computer and generate traffic patterns. SATA packet generator is a product that generates series of High Speed Serial Packets which can be used by emulator platform to generate traffic on DUTs interfaces. Also, it can be used on Simulation platform to generate traffic on simulation environment on DUTs interface.

  • SATA is high speed serial link
  • The serial link employed is a high-speed PHY layer that utilizes Gigabit Technology
  • It has Four 1.5 Gb/s Full Duplex SATA Ports, It generate and receive traffic on 1 to 4 SATA ports
  • Performs Sequence Control Packets – Send packets, wait-for packets, branch packets, compare packets
  • Hot-Plug Connectivity – Simulates hot-plug events by forcing the Tx lines into common-mode voltage
  • Control / Command Registers – Allows user to modify all SATA Control and Command Registers
  • Data Stream Creation – Enables easy payload generation using several data streams, including walking 1s, incrementing patterns, random patterns, and user files
  • Programmable Error Generation – Capable of sending many types of bit and protocol errors
  • Dynamic Error Injection – Allows user insertion of errors onto the SATA bus in real time
  • Event Logging – Logs several key events, such as Errors Transmitted and Data Miss-compare
  • Activity Log – Contains the information received and transmitted on the links in the past 1 ms..
  • Wait States – User may set the amount of time to wait before sending the next packet. This can range from 26.67 ns to 8 hours
  • Trigger Out – Trigger out packets which allow placement of trigger points within any location in a packet stream
  • SATA uses 8b/10b encoding
Layered Architecture of SATA